Notes to Self

Notes to Self You must play a part in your perusal of this site. They are a place for me to jot a note to myself in the event I once again forget how to tweak something to make it work right… Why place it online then? On the off chance of helping somebody else who may be encountering the same problems I do during site development, thus the title Notes to Self You. These notes will have a wide variety of subject matters: SEO, CSS, PHP, marketing… you get the picture.

Web Development Tools

Color Pix
Color Pix is a nifty little application that enables you to “grab” colors and coordinates from any pixel on your computer screen.

WordPress Development

Count the DIV tags!
Working with tableless css can sometimes produce unfortunate results. Especially when working within the confines of a templated cms/blog program such as WordPress. This note explains how I go about counting div tags within the code of a webpage to find the errant <div> tag.

Microsoft Expressions

Dynamic Web Template Won’t Update!
I love Microsoft Expressions, but every once in a while, I want to beat my computer to a pulp. Why I want to blame the computer for something a program isn’t doing correctly is beyond me, but the irrational side can often take over during frustrating moments! Today’s dilemma comes from the inability to update all pages in a sub-web folder from a dynamic web template (DWT).

Google AdSense

Why Am I seeing French Google Ads?
This past weekend when I started accessing the pages of my websites I noticed Google image ads were appearing in French instead of American. Not the text ads, just the image ads. Today when trying to access Google itself, I’m being redirected to the French version of Google, and any attempt to access Google’s tools gives me a French version as well. This problem is isolated to Google.