3 Goals for a Successful Launch

I am listening to a book on cd production of Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin, the bestselling author of The Dip. In the book Seth discusses fourteen trends that no marketer can afford to ignore. During one of those trends he brings up the fact that a business person should seek any 1 of 3 goals when establishing his business:

1. Find a market that hasn’t been found yet.
2. Develop a product that is so compelling that people seek you.
3. String together enough of these markets so that you can make it into a business.

Let’s turn this in the direction of website development. Does your initial website idea come under any of these three items? How can you make yourself stand out from all the other websites if not?

When reviewing the three goals above, I have already accomplished #1 and #3 with specific websites of mine… It’s #2 that I lack success with. And is probably the reason I make a comfortable living while others get rich online. A compelling product online, in the right market, can bring the masses in.

Note to Self… When developing a new site, am I still trying to achieve any 1 of those 3 goals?