Web Beats

Original articles meant to provide humble advice in developing your online business. I do not pretend to be somebody I am not. If you are looking for somebody who promises you fast riches, then I am not your man. If you want dependable and honest advice, that you can build an online business from, then these “web beats” will be of service to you.

The word “beat” is one of those words which has such a variety of meaning and usages, many of which I hope will become a fitting tribute to this section of my site:

  • To be projected with blinding intensity.
  • To make incapable of finding something to think, do, or say.
  • To be greater or better than.
  • To shape, break, or flatten with repeated blows.
  • To punish with blows or lashes.
  • Area of responsibility

Facebook Marketing Strategies
A recent review of over 11 thousand Facebook ads found that the ad market on Facebook is evolving. A Webtrends study analyzed 1,500 campaigns, 11.2 million ads, 2.2 million clicks, and 4.5 billion impressions. A quick review can be found here and then a link to the actual study at the bottom of the article.

A Review of Need an Article
If you develop content driven websites, then you’ve likely either written all of your own articles, have a staff of writers working for you, or outsource the work. If you, like I, run out of time writing your own stuff, then being able to reliably outsource is important!

Contact Us Button
For years, web developers have been creating websites, widgets and scripts to assist the casual web designer or blogger in providing “Contact Us” and “Contact Me” buttons on their website. This recent website buying by me is meant to target that audience!

Keyword Domains – An Analysis
There are myriads of discussions online debating the effect of selecting domains which are keyword rich. “Ann Smarty” recently made a post on SearchEngineJournal which, while recognizing the effectiveness of this in past practice, suggests that it is becoming less successful.

A review of WL Marketing’s Directory Submission Service
A review of the directory submission service conducted by WL Marketing for a recent unnamed website. This review takes a look in depth at the number and quality of the eventual backlinks obtained by the service, and the effectiveness of not only the product being sold, but the company which stands behind that product.

Make Your Idea Work For You
Website Development usually starts with an idea, a seed… but all to often that seed is what you want to do, and not what you can do for your visitors. Germinate your seed, and turn your idea into a concept by having your idea focus on your visitors. Then, with careful planning and upkeep, that seed you planted, will begin its natural development into a bountiful website. And instead of you toiling over your original idea, you will make that idea work for you.

Starting a Website from Scratch
Starting a website from scratch is always one of the hardest things to do in web development. Taking that idea you have, and turning it into a successful online presence takes effort, endurance, equanimity, exclusivity and execution. This website will be no different…