Round 3 – WL Marketing Directory Submission Review

This is a followup post to the review of WL Marketing’s Directory Submission service.

In the first installement in this series I had reported that my website was submitted to 156 directories. Of those 156 directories, 135 responded by email, 2 listings were approved and 1 was rejected within the first day.

In the second installment in this series I reported that my website had been submitted to a total of 310 directories with 5 approved and 3 rejected within the first week.

Today marks the third week of this report, and 15 days since the initial submissions. Last night WL Marketing¬†submitted the third set of submissions to 159 additional directories. This is the first week in which I note that they’ve submitted to “new” directories, or, directories which yet have no PR themselves.

The stats as of this morning are:

469 directory submissions
34 approved
4 rejected

3 thoughts on “Round 3 – WL Marketing Directory Submission Review”

  1. We can not do any thing to get our website to web directories. It is not in our control so it is a good habit to submit our website to as many web directories as possible but do check the authenticity because back links from bad sites can affect your ranking negatively.

  2. @internet marketing Agency – I am agree with you. we can just submit our site in directory and directory takes so much time for approval as thousands of people submitting their sites in directory.

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