Starting a Website from Scratch

Starting a website from scratch is always one of the hardest things to do in web development. Taking that idea you have, and turning it into a successful online presence takes effort, endurance, equanimity, exclusivity and execution. This website will be no different… 

If I am not willing to put a long-term time commitment into the development and upkeep of this site, then I am simply wasting your and my time. Truly becoming successful at anything takes effort

If I cannot make this website both informative and believable to you, then it will fall into oblivion, it needs that character to endure

If I am not passionate about what I am developing here, then this website will likely fall by the wayside. However, that emotion needs to be checked with an equanimity which keeps my focus on you. Too much passion, and the focus of a website often changes to that which the developer wants instead of what the user needs.

 If I am not willing to create something truly unique, then I will simply create a redundant online exposure, where any one of hundreds if not thousands of other developers can simply step in and fill my shoes. Exclusivity is not a requirement to have a presence on the web, it is a requirement to truly succeed.

 If I do not deliver the broad vision of this website, with a finite and imaginative execution, then its’ focus will get lost in the vast expanse of the WWW.

 Webified Development is conceptualized from a simple idea: to introduce myself to you, the user of this website, and to instill in you the confidence and ability to succeed online. I shall do this by employing the following features: 

Web Beats

 Original articles meant to provide humble advice in developing your online business. I do not pretend to be somebody I am not. If you are looking for somebody who promises you fast riches, then I am not your man. If you want dependable and honest advice, that you can build an online business from, then these “web beats” will be of service to you. 

The word “beat” is one of those words which has such a variety of meaning and usages, many of which I hope will become a fitting tribute to this section of my site: 

  • To be projected with blinding intensity.
  • To make incapable of finding something to think, do, or say.
  • To be greater or better than.
  • To shape, break, or flatten with repeated blows.
  • To punish with blows or lashes.
  • Area of responsibility 

Book Reflections

 If you are as avid a reader as I am, then you will enjoy this section as I post about books I am currently reading which reflect upon the development of my websites. I am self-taught, as are many other online entrepreneurs around the world. While a lot of my learning has come from trial and error, much of it has also been inspired from books. These will not be “book reviews” as you may often see online… those normally are meant to inform you of what a book is about. Instead I want to give you a fresh look into how that particular book can help businesses like ours succeed… I call these Book Reflections. 

Notes to Self You

Notes to Self You should play a part in your perusal of this site. They are a place for me to jot a note to myself in the event I once again forget how to tweak something to make it work right… Why place it online then? On the off chance of helping somebody else who may be encountering the same problems I do during site development. These notes will have a wide variety of subject matters: SEO, CSS, PHP, marketing… you get the picture. 

Future “columns”

  •  R + D – Research and Development – An area where I would research a concept and then develop a site from that idea, detailing the trials and errors I encountered along the way. The first item will concern the development of this very website.
  • Enliven – Articles meant to inspire other developers and myself.